Better Process and Plant Construction

Achieve cost efficiency, improve safety and keep the schedule in your construction projects: With Tekla software you can coordinate with both plant design software and fabrication machinery, while accurate quality information in 3D models brings benefits throughout the lifecycle of an industrial facility.

Tekla lets you manage risk and plan for successful process. Integrating production equipment and piping into structural design means that the structures fit as they should.  You can find and solve problems and explore alternatives virtually before construction begins and avoid expensive delays. Fast and accurate material quantity takeoff leverages better cost estimation and optimised procurement. Later, model information eases any possible modifications in the facility as you know the structures thoroughly. 

With Tekla you can  

  • Create information-rich models of all structures and materials and use them for making informed decisions throughout the project.
  • Coordinate with analysis and plant design software and fabrication machinery.
  • Boost project understanding and quality with 3D visualisations.
  • Identify possible plant operations and safety issues early in the process.
  • Achieve better construction methodology: Calculate centers of gravity of modules accurately also utilising information from other solutions for improved construction efficiency.

Key benefits

  • Achieve good quality and bring in more profitable, safe projects
  • Coordinate structural engineering with plant design and fabrication systems
  • Handle design changes painlessly through front-end engineering design (FEED)
  • Integrate modelling with cost estimation and scheduling
  • After delivery, as-built model information benefits the maintenance of the plant Reduce risks and stay on schedule
  • Manage all structural information from design to construction to operation