Tekla Model Sharing模型共享——使远程工作安全实用


Tekla Model Sharing模型共享是一个真正创新的BIM协作工具,可以显著提高Tekla Structures用户的生产力。有了它,团队可以同时在同一个模型上工作却永远不会冲突。


Tekla模型共享是唯一允许您在没有网络连接的情况下工作的共享技术,只有当您想要同步更改时才需要连网。由于创新的专利工作流程,Tekla Model Sharing只共享模型中所做的更改,而不是整个模型。如果你上网工作,就能理解互联网连接中断时有发生,但这不应该阻碍您的正常合作。



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Tekla Model Sharing多用户模式

您熟悉在多用户模式下使用Tekla软件吗?Tekla Model Sharing拥有独特的专利技术,与现有的多用户模式相比具有更多优势。了解详细差异。







除了Tekla Structures,您不需要安装其他硬件或软件


Improve data security when working with 3rd parties

We put a lot of effort to ensuring Tekla Model Sharing's safety. 

  • All Tekla Model Sharing data is secured using Microsoft Azure.
  • You can manage access rights to the model, working securely with everyone in the project. 
  • Subcontractors do not need to access your company network.
  • Your own company admin manages Tekla Model Sharing projects according to your standards.Learn more about information security of Tekla products

Unique, patented workflow you can trust

When you use Tekla Model Sharing, you work with your own local copy of the shared model and only update the changes online. This is possible thanks to the innovative technology, resulting in a reliable model. What is more, Tekla Model Sharing allows you to save time.

Tekla Model Sharing allows each user to have a local version of a Tekla Structures model on a computer or on a network drive. You only share the changes, not the whole model. Because you only need to connect to the internet when sharing the changes you can work offline most of the time.


Design process

“We can bring in as many people as needed to speed up designing process.”
Arturs Neiburgs
Head of R&D, Engineering Department
UPB Holding

Build the dream team 

When building a team, bringing the right people together matters. With Tekla Model Sharing, team members can work on the same project regardless of their location. BIM collaboration is practical within the same office or with subcontractors in another town - whoever is required, wherever they are working. And if it gets busy, you can introduce new people to the project.

With Tekla Model Sharing you can

  • Invite others to work with you on your Tekla Structures models
  • Join the others' shared models
  • Share the changes in models


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Getting started with Tekla Model Sharing is easy