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Navisworks and Revit import available as reference files - Tekla Structures 2021

To achieve smooth construction workflows and the realization of designs, we at Trimble Tekla are committed to an open approach to BIM. With this open approach, we hope to enable project members to collaborate seamlessly throughout design and construction, regardless of the software solutions they use. Currently, IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) offers the most viable option for everyday open BIM. Through IFC, Tekla links with AEC, MEP and increasingly with plant design software. These new extensions allow you to import Revit (.rvt) and Navisworks (.nwd) model files directly to Tekla Structures, as reference or overlay models. Find these extensions in Tekla Warehouse: Tekla Structures plug-in for Navisworks as a reference model using Teigha technology:!/catalog/details/67ef20f4-d238-4949-8758-3332c1d2d183 Tekla Structures plug-in for Revit as a reference model using Teigha technology:!/catalog/details/80131be3-fe16-4b4a-b15d-576f8de320f6 Learn more about latest developments and new features at Subscribe to our channel: Follow us on social media: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: