Deadline for entries is Thursday 23rd April 2020

This year we have two categories: General category and small projects.

The small projects category covers projects that are max. net floor area of 2000 m², 10000 m³ or include max. 5000 parts. Entry is open also for project teams. With project team based submission we want to emphasize the importance of BIM collaboration.
This is your only opportunity to “sell” your project to the judges and the public - so make it count! Keep in mind the judging criteria.

Check out the pdf of the enrolment form questions.

Competition has started and the link to the enrolment form is at the bottom of the page.

1.  Collect the project material. The most important part in your project entry is the material package including the Tekla Structures project/model folder. High quality model images, photos and drawings are essential too.

The entry form asks for:
●    A company description
●    A project description
●    The challenges that made the project successful
●    The benefits of using BIM and Tekla software
●    The project in numbers

2. The project will be transferred to Trimble by creating a Trimble Connect project and the data transfer will happen through a cloud project.

Instructions how to create a project:

-Create an account using your Trimble ID. If your company doesn't have a commercial Trimble Connect -licence, choose personal in the "Get started" section.  
-Create a new project and name it "Tekla BIM Awards 2020 - Company name - Project name"

Add to the project:

Tekla Structures model folder: 

- Cleaned model database (.db1), all unnecessary aiding objects removed. (all other  databases, see listing below)
- Reference models saved in the model folder (defined with relative path)
- Flight path created in Tekla Structures. Use "Virtual Tour"-extension from Tekla Warehouse to create this. If you wish to record your video by yourself, please contact for more instructions and requirements.
- Pack all this in to one .zip folder 

Images folder:

- High resolution pictures of the model (min. 3 in for example jpg-format, that shows the whole model and some relevant details) 
- Photographs and artist's/architect impressions of the project (min. 1 image file)
- We recommend to highlight some important parts of the projects and save them as a separate Virtual tour - route
- Please make sure that you provide high resolution pictures (min. 1000 pixels in width/height)

Drawings folder: 

- Sample drawings of the projects (in PDF format)

Optional additional material to the folder:

- Extra text about the project, images etc. The jury will make their decision according to the material that has been sent to us. It is really useful to invest in good material.
- Images taken with Trimble Connect Visualizer
- Company logo(s) involved in the project

When you have created the project with all the necessary files, add as the owner of the project. 

Note, IF you have done any system modifications please submit also:
-  Profile database (profdb.BIN) 
-  Material database (matdb.BIN)
-  Bolt database (screwdb.DB)
-  Bolt assembly database (assdb.DB)
-  Rebar database (rebar_database.INP)
-  Parametric profiles (profitab.INP)

3.  Fill in the form (link to the form below). You can save the form and come back to it at any time. If you can't use Trimble Connect for sharing the project material, there is a field in the form to add a link to any cloud or file sharing service (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive).

4.  Submit the form

5.  If you encounter any problems with the submission process, contact and we will try to help.

Tekla Finland & Baltics BIM Awards 2020 project entry form

Terms and conditions for entering the Tekla BIM Awards