Model All Offshore Projects and Achieve Efficiency

Save time and money with faster design and detailing, accurate drawings, avoiding clashes on assembly and automation.

With Tekla software, you can boost productivity through shorter modelling times and higher automation of fabrication. You can interface the model to machinery and project management. Your Tekla models represent the true, detailed, as-built structure.

The software handles all structures, no matter the complexity. Everything in an offshore project fits into a Tekla model: 4D visualisation, pipes, welds and bolts, weight of the structure and the position of the centre of gravity, sustainability and eventual decommissioning.

Tekla lets you identify and correct possible conflicts with the process equipment, cables and access routes. Fixing conflicts already in the design phase saves time and resources in the construction phase.

Customise if you want

Tekla is ready to use, but you can modify it if you wish. The software comes with a library of standard connections or custom components, and accommodates your automated model connection and detailing through customisable rules.



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Key benefits

  • Oversee the whole project.
  • Model all structures with increased productivity.
  • Avoid errors in fabrication and construction planning
  • Save time and waste less material.
  • Integrate design to fabrication process.
  • Include welding details in the model.