Modelling for Efficient Rebar Production and Assembly

Armed with Tekla, rebar fabricators can expand their services and provide solutions to contractors instead of just material. 3D modelling and prefabricating rebar mean less waste during the process and fewer problems on site.

Tekla software lets you run rebar production and assembly smoother.

  • Detail even the most complex rebar
  • Manage fabrication
  • Plan placing
  • Find potential problems early before fabrication
  • Win more profitable tenders

With Tekla, you can enter the BIM workflow of the construction industry, communicate solutions with visualization and present alternative solutions and avoid expensive rework. All of which contribute to shorter lead times.  

Tekla integrates design and detailing with manufacturing and project management: the software interfaces with production management systems and automation machinery. You can generate drawings and schedules for formwork, lift and placement.

Choosing Tekla allows rebar fabricators to collaborate with contractors and subcontractors. Rebar fabricators can communicate with contractors and coordinate their production with site operations with Tekla BIMsight. Everyone stays informed. 

Products: Tekla BIMsight    Tekla Field3D    Tekla Structures

Solution: Concrete Contractors

Key benefits 

  • Reduce total cost and time.
  • Standardize products and processes.
  • Identify alternative technical and construction solutions.
  • Integrate design with fabrication management systems.
  • Avoid clashes and errors on site.