BIM Solution for Educational Institutions

Make your students focus on the essence of structural engineering instead of manual drawing.

The transition from education to work is often both a challenge and a prospect for a young graduate. To ease this step, Tekla offers educational institutions an affordable educational license program. The program provides students with a firm foundation on Tekla software and Building Information Modelling (BIM).

Guaranteed future in the construction industry

The construction industry is increasingly using 3D modeling tools, and Tekla’s educational software licenses help to teach students the value of a constructible 3D building information model. With Tekla software, students can perform each stage of a design project from conceptual design to construction planning and erection phase. You can lead your students to see the importance of collaboration and the benefits of sharing project data from the beginning.

Understanding the BIM technology takes your students further in the job market.

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Key benefits

  • Teach engineering and construction using leading technology
  • Tekla Education program gives you access to leading engineering & BIM software (ie: Tekla Structures and in selected areas also Tekla Tedds and Tekla Structural Designer)
  • The program provides unlimited Tekla software licenses, learning content and free student licenses that make implementation easy.