Ryhov County Hospital

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Ryhov County Hospital
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INHUS Engineering, INHUS Prefab, INHUS Construction, INHUS
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Major expansion to improve local hospital services

The expansion and modernization of the Ryhov County Hospital in partnership with Jönköping County is valued at an estimated SEK 800 million. It is to improve and modernize the local hospital and include a state-of-the-art emergency department as well as several new healthcare units. The new building is constructed north of the existing hospital and will house several wards, the daycare, reception and mammography centers, and educational premises for the University of Linköping. 

The total floor space of the new building will be 34,000 square meters spread across six stories. Construction was scheduled to commence in the first quarter of 2018, and the extension will be in service in 2020. The project includes 4000 precast concrete elements. For the INHUS Engineering design-build team in charge of the building frame, the challenge was to keep to the tight schedule while solving all design issues. Thanks to BIM, the team was able to manage all questions on time.


Model sharing sped up the design process significantly

This project was INHUS’s first using the Tekla Model Sharing functionality which let them speed up the design process significantly. The Tekla model was used for quality assurance, and its visualizations helped understand the complicated solutions included in the building as well as to communicate the project’s progress to all parties. They consider Tekla Structures efficient and easy-to-learn software for any kind of structural design. 

The Tekla model was also used to export material data, such as quantities for cost estimation and procurement, from the 3D model to the MIS/ERP systems. Unitechnik files were exported from the model to produce the reinforcing bars. The INHUS Tekla model includes all planning information (planned and actual dates) for all stages of the project. The team developed several custom components for the project, such as column-beam and wall connections. They also created plugins and macros for project information. Sofistik and Dlubal software were used to analyze and design the structures, and with Dlubal, the team used direct export from Tekla. The deliverables from Tekla Structures to the client included the drawings and the model. The IFC format was used to exchange model information and manage changes by all parties including the architect. Architectural and MEP design were done using ArchiCAD.


Project parties

Management of structural frame supply chain: INHUS, UAB

Structural design and detailing: INHUS Engineering, UAB

Precast fabrication: INHUS Prefab, UAB

Precast installation: INHUS Construction, UAB

General contractor: NCC AB

Architect: Liljewall Arkitekter AB

Ventilation and fire suppression system design: Assemblin Ventilation AB

Heating design: Radiator VVS AB

Electrical design: Midroc Electro AB


Precast concrete elements
Gross floor area


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