Planetarium Restaurant

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Planetarium Restaurant
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Sweco Rakennetekniikka Oy, Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort Oy, Finnglass Oy, Insinööritoimisto Matti Vaarala Oy, Kalajoen Teollisuusrakenne Oy, Visual Artists Pekka & Teija Isorättyä
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Restaurant with glass-art walls for the biggest planetarium in the Nordics 

The building designed in this project encompasses circa 2,500 m2 of floor area and a restaurant section with glass walls for the largest planetarium in the Nordics located in Kakslauttanen, Sodankylä, Finland. This project is exceptional because of the design of the restaurant: the glass wall of circa 800 m2 includes no repetition in its geometry, and almost all of the 491 heated glass panels differ in size. The restaurant was designed by artists Pekka and Teija Isorättyä in cooperation with Jussi Eiramo, the owner of Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort.

Sweco Rakennetekniikka provided structural steel design for the project. The mass of the steel frame is circa 170 tons. In addition, the design contract included technical drawings for the heated glass panels. Sweco used Tekla Structures versions 19 and 21 and their own custom environment in the project. The software’s API was used in modeling the glass components.

Conceptual design for the project kicked off in 2017, and construction design followed in 2018. The main frame’s design was completed in 2018. It was complemented with the design of temporary structures during 2019.

In addition to the geometrically demanding glass wall, one of the trusses of the building set a design challenge because of the form and angle of its ridge beam. However, as a whole, the project succeeded thanks to the close cooperation of the project parties.

BIM with Tekla made the design and fabrication of complex glass panels easier

In addition to the API, sub-assemblies, among other features, were utilized in the design of the building, thanks to which large section drawings turned out much more demonstrative. The steel shop used the Tekla BIMsight model for both workshop processing and installation. Moreover, the IFC model created based on the structural steel model was used in electrical engineering, for example.

Structural analysis and calculations were performed using Robot Structural Analysis software. The first version of the analysis model was created from the Tekla model, after which the models were separated. The client received both the drawings and the building information model.

There was no official architect in the project. Cooperation between the glass-wall artists and the structural designer was effectively fluent. Trimble SketchUp and IFC models were used to exchange data, and the designs were also communicated as drawings in both DWG and PDF format.

Tekla Structures was particularly useful in the design of the project’s complex structures. API applications significantly reduced design time, and another noteworthy benefit was sharing the 3D models with the steel shop. Thanks to the models, the geometrically challenging assemblies could be re-measured at the shop. The same model can be utilized during component installation, too.

Project parties: 

Client: Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort Oy

Architectural design: Visual Artists Pekka & Teija Isorättyä

Principal design and structural design (concrete structures): Insinööritoimisto Matti Vaarala Oy

Structural design and detailing (steel structures and facade): Sweco Rakennetekniikka Oy

Fabrication of electrically heated glass: Finnglass Oy

Steel Contractor: Kalajoen Teollisuusrakenne Oy 

Project details
Glass wall
Floor area
Steel frame
170 000 kg


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