Matinkylä residential park

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Matinkylä residential park
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Small projects
Ramboll Finland Oy
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Curved, inclined support wall of precast concrete for a residential park

This support wall is part of a larger project to improve the residential park in the district of Matinkylä and its nearby areas in Espoo, Finland. The wall consists of 32 precast concrete units supported on pile foundation. High quality requirements were set for the concrete surfaces which will be coated.

Each precast unit is unique regarding curvature and inclination. The building information modeling of the project was based on a series of Grasshopper algorithms used to create the geometry, place fixings in the structure, perform preliminary calculations, and produce source data for the FEM and Tekla software. Tekla was used for detailing and drawing production.

The greatest challenge was to address the curved shape of the walls and to model the reinforcing bars inside the wall units. Tekla Live Link was used to create the geometry in the model, to manage the attributes, and to number the customized parts. High-level BIM integration enabled accurate modeling of the complex freeform structure.

Another challenge was to accurately visualize the places of the fixings, such as lifting anchors, in the structure. Their locations in the local coordinate system were specified by adjusting the UDA values. Drawing production was streamlined and unit structure visualized with custom layouts and drawing and document templates. In this project, Tekla was used to produce more than 170 documents. Customized templates helped produce high-quality drawings and lists.

The use of drawing and document templates made standard drawing production faster

Tekla Structures (2019) was used as the main BIM tool for the final delivery of the project. Before that, Rhino was used for general design. The most important benefit of using Tekla was the use of drawing and document templates, which made drawing production faster for each type of drawing. The drawings were error-free, and it was easier to calculate the quantities for cost calculations.

Accurate lists of piles and reinforcing bars were quick to produce so there was more time to focus on design work. Thanks to Model Sharing, four engineers were able to work on the modeling and drawing production at the same time, which was key towards the end of the project. Model objects could be modified at the same time with drawing creation.

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Urban, geotechnical and structural design: Ramboll Finland Oy 

Landscape architect: Maisema-arkkitehdit Byman & Ruokonen Oy


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