The most comprehensive Bridge information modeling (BrIM) solution for bridges and other civil structures

Tekla Structures is an intelligent, parametric Bridge Information Modeling (BrIM) solution for constructible design of all bridge types, sizes and materials.

All kinds of bridges and other civil structures

A bridge is a structure designed to carry a road, rail, waterway, pipelines, pedestrians/cyclists or wild-life paths, across a road, railway, river or other obstacles such as valleys.

Tekla Structures is the best and most efficient Bridge Information Modeling (BrIM) solution in the market due to its 'model to build approach.' Our collaborative tools and procedures, along with seamless communication help our clients to deliver even the most complex designs such as double curved shape bridges.

With Tekla Structures you can deliver any type of bridge or civil structure:

  • Beam or box girder bridges
  • Truss bridges
  • Arch or Tied arch bridges
  • Cantilever bridges
  • Suspension bridges
  • Cable-stayed bridges
  • Underpasses or box culverts
  • Any type of support or retaining wall

Tekla Structures allows you to deliver bridges made of the following materials:

  • Concrete
  • Steel
  • Precast concrete
  • Timber

Parametric modeling with high LOD 

Tekla Structures is the most powerful, yet straightforward, 3D parametric modeling environment that automates repetitive tasks and reworks. Your result is a truly constructible 3D bridge model, full-filling any LOD 300-400 requirement (read more about Level of Development).

In the end, you can be confident that all your deliverables including the model, all drawings and material lists are consistent. And, within our maintenance program, we at Trimble stand close to you and support throughout your journey to become a Tekla bridge expert and match today’s client's BrIM requirements. 

Model to build and maintain

Tekla Structures is a full structural workflow solution from geometry to rebar design or connection detailing, followed by steel fabrication or precast manufacturing, all the way to erection and planning of scaffolding, concrete formwork and pours on-site. And, when the revisions are updated during construction, the owner has an as-built model to be registered and used for asset management.

Step by Step Workflow for Bridge Design and Construction


With Tekla Structures you can

  • Model to build and maintain your bridges
  • All kinds of bridge types and other civil structures
  • Easy road or rail alignment import  
  • Efficient rebar detailing, any size or complexity 
  • Update the model easily at any time
  • Add design from online component library 
  • Quantities and documentation from the model
  • Communicate with a construction-ready model 
  • Prevent errors that stop work on-site  
  • Use the as-built model for asset management 


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