Weekend Batch- Steel Basic Training

If you are too busy during the week and cannot afford to take a day off for training, then why not try our Weekend Training option?
The Weekend special course has been designed to help the working professionals to keep themselves updated and remain competitive. This course is same as standard 5 days basic training course with only exception that it will be conducted on 5 Fridays. 

This course will impart all necessary skills to the participants which will enable him/her to create steel structure model & detail it out independently.
The participant will be also able to perform model checks & extract drawings, Bill of materials, CNC data etc.

Steel Modeling and Drawing Training Content – 4 days

  • Introduction and Basics
  • Basic Modeling
  • Connections: System Components
  • Detailing Commands & Numbering & Tools
  • Drawings & Deliverables
  • Availability:

·         This course is available to companies & Individuals and run once in every quarter. Please see our scheduled courses.

  • Pre-requisite:

           Applicants should have experience in steel Structures detailing 

           Group size minimum three participants  

  • Duration: 

·         32 hours (8 hours per day over 4 consecutive Fridays/Saturdays)

  • Training Location:

·         Tekla premises, partner’s premises, or as specified

  •  Tailored training can also be arranged

Contact us for more information;
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