Weekend Batch - Steel Advanced Training

If you are too busy during the week and cannot afford to take a day off for training, then why not try our Weekend Training option?
The Weekend special course has been designed to help the working professionals to keep themselves updated and remain competitive. This course is same as standard 4/5 days basic training course with the only exception that it will be conducted on weekends. 
The Advanced Course will suit practicing Tekla Structures users who have completed the basic course and are keen to continue the journey on to advanced topics & customization. Coursework will leverage your skills in setting us Tekla Structures to suit company standards & learn automation tools to improve productivity & efficiently using Tekla Structures.


Day 1- File Structure
  1. UI customization

  2. Essential Folders: Model, Environment

  3. Options & Advanced Options/definition/types

  4. Project / Firm Folder Setting


  1. Exporting Elements from the Profile Catalog

  2. Importing the Profile Catalog

  3. Modify Catalog- Profiles, Material, Bolts, Bolts assembly catalog

  4. Catalog Export/Import

  5. Introduction to UDA

  6. Object representation

Defining New Cross Sections
  1. Profitab.inp file (Profile Prefixes)

  2. Catalogs on Tekla Warehouse

Warehouse extensions & Advanced Organizer Features

Day 2- Template Editor

  • Making Templates/Reports
  • Create a New Template from Scratch

Day 3 Advance Drawings

  1. View Level dimensioning

  2. Drawings cloning basics/ cloning from other models

  3. Master Drawing Catalogs

  4. 2D library

  5. Object level settings

  6. Drawing snapshot overlay

  7. Top Drawings extensions

BIM Interoperability & Project Collaboration




This course is available to companies and Indivisual.


Applicants should have more than three years experience in building and construction modeling.

Group size minimum three participant  

Training Location:

Tekla premises, partner’s premises, or as specified


Tailored training can also be arranged.

Contact us for more information;
E-mail: Structures.services.ae@trimble.com

Tel.: +971 4 391 5640
Fax: +971 4 391 6799