Sneak Preview of Tekla Structures 2016 for Structural Engineering


The new Tekla Structures 2016 provides productivity and workflow improvements for all engineering offices for all structures and project types.

Join our webinar to learn about what Tekla Structures 2016 will bring you:

  • Improved user interface for easier adoption and faster learning
  • Flexible and reliable team collaboration workflows that help you manage changes and reduce information overload
  • Faster and easier drawing production
  • Fast and easy model management: Review, check and be confident with the content of your model!

On areas where you need to communicate more exact information on your design, you can take your design to LOD (Level of Development) 350/400 with just a few clicks. The drawings that represent the model live with its changes, which dramatically reduces the need for 2D drafting.

Tekla Structures enables engineers to create more reliable and better coordinated structural models, and thus produce more trustworthy documentation, make workflows truly collaborative and reduce project management overhead such as RFI’ (Request for Information).

Watch this webinar