Sneak Preview of Tekla Software 2018 for Concrete Contractors

For those planning and managing cast-in-place concrete construction, the new Tekla Structures 2018 farther improves information management and driving more productive, collaborative and accurate concrete pour planning and management with structured, construction-quality information easily at hand.

Formwork planning leaps forward with improved modeling performance and  functionalities for wall systems and a new toolset for slabs, which extends the software’s powerful formwork planning functionalities  to horizontal structures.


Join this free webinar and learn about:

  • New features and improved usability make creating and modifying objects and handling all object properties more productive
  • How to create constructible formwork plans faster and more easily and flexibly with Formwork placing tool – Walls 2.0
  • How to take advantage of the new formwork offering for horizontal structures
  • Developments in Tekla’s concrete pour technology that allow more efficient, user friendly managing, quantifying and reporting of information related to pour units

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