Easy steps to more efficient bridge design workflow


Learn the benefits and easy steps to parametric design and modeling of any type of bridge. We will be showing a practical example of designing a bridge with Tekla Structures using our Rhino Grasshopper link. Some of our customers will also be sharing their advice and benefits based on real experience.

Why BrIM (Bridge Information Modelling) with Tekla

With Tekla Structures you can deliver any type of bridge or civil structure:

  • Beam or box girder bridges
  • Truss bridges
  • Arch or Tied arch bridges
  • Cantilever bridges
  • Suspension bridges
  • Cable-stayed bridges
  • Underpasses or box culverts
  • Any type of support or retaining wall

Tekla Structures allows you to deliver bridges made of the following materials:

  • Concrete
  • Steel
  • Precast concrete
  • Timber

Thanks to the model to build approach, our collaborative tools and procedures and closeness to the client's attitude to help our clients deliver even the most complex designs such as double curved shape bridges.

After this webinar, every bridge engineer can take their design to a new and more efficient way of working.


Join our webinar to learn:

  • The benefits of parametric design and modeling of any type of a bridge
  • The easy steps to design a bridge with Tekla Structures using our Grasshopper link
  • True experiences and advice from some of our customers

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Date: Wednesday, 6 November 2019