Automate Your Structural Calculations

Middle East

Tekla Tedds is easy to use software from Trimble that engineers can rely on to automate their structural calculations for steel and concrete members, foundations, slabs, retaining walls, etc to US and UK codes.

You might be using various software, spreadsheets, or even hand calculations for:

  • Submissions to 3rd party or municipality for review

  • Internal checking of the calculation output from your 3D analysis and design programs

  • Working on small jobs

Tekla Tedds automates civil and structural calculations, hence it can improve both engineering productivity and quality; working becomes more effective than with tedious, time-consuming manual calculations. The solution has a quality assured library of code compliant calculations that are easy to inspect. Users can flexibly write their own calculations in a familiar Microsoft Word environment, and create engaging design documentation.



  • What Tekla Tedds is and how the software can benefit your business
  • How to use Tekla Tedds library of ready-made calculations
  • How to compare design options and make changes quickly
  • How to create consistent professional documentation
  • How to write your own calculations in Microsoft Word
  • How to download and use Tekla Tedds for FREE! 

Tuesday, 31 July 2018 
2:00pm (GMT +04:00) Abu Dhabi, Muscat

Improve productivity by automating all your repetitive structural and civil calculations. Whether you choose to use Tekla Tedds library of pre-written templates or create your own custom calculations, you can easily create professional and transparent project documentation every time.


  • In the face of challenging deadlines and demands, Tekla Tedds is a reliable solution that all engineers can trust to deliver the answers.

  • Unlike spreadsheets, with Tekla Tedds you are in control because calculations are transparent for easy review and validation.

  • For more professional documentation, desktop publishing feature gives engineers the power to quickly create and customize project documentation.

  • Tedds already consists of a huge library of calculations PLUS, enables engineers to write their OWN calculations in a familiar Microsoft Word environment. This can be reviewed, saved away & made accessible to engineering colleagues for future use as required.

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