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Moving people with BIM

Grandfather’s bridge is a Tekla Global BIM Awards winner and clearly a local people’s favorite, as the photos from the public opening show. BIM may be an acronym of words Building Information Modeling, but it is not only for modeling buildings. For example Bayards utilizes BIM technology in a brilliant manner throughout their process of designing, fabricating and assembling helicopter landing decks for hospitals, ships and offshore platforms. Then there is bridge building: Recently, the Grandfather’s bridge project pretty much avoided printing anything on paper thanks to BIM. The benefits of BIM are not limited to building construction.

Happy Holidays and a Great New Year!

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Changes in management

Risto Räty, General Manager and Executive Vice President of Trimble Structures Division, the producer of Tekla solutions, has moved on to the position of the CEO of Vahanen Group. Vahanen Group is a large technical consulting company in construction and property branch, based in Espoo, Finland. Risto’s leadership skills and business understanding have contributed greatly to the growth and global transformation of Tekla and Trimble. We look forward to a continued partnership with Risto and the Vahanen Group.

Jari Heino (right) has been appointed the new General Manager, Structures Division. Jari has worked at Tekla and after the acquisition of Tekla at Trimble, since 1999. He has held positions in different functions, of which the latest position was the Director of Steel segment. Jari holds an MBA from the Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration.

Michael Evans has been appointed Director, Steel segment at Trimble Structures division. Michael has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the steel ​industry. He holds a BEng in Civil Engineering from the University of Bolton, UK, and has worked with us for 11 years.

Concrete formwork planning jumps to the next level

Model formwork Model-based formwork planning, quantification and coordination is now faster, easier and more flexible than ever thanks to the new Formwork Placing tool set. Tekla software understands how concrete is poured.

Now concrete contractors can create constructible formwork plans quickly and easily with Tekla Structures. This means a leap forward for the concrete industry, allowing better planning and working in a more cost-efficient way. With its unique pour handling functionalities and the ability to manage effectively all pour-related information, the software is a truly valuable tool for those who plan and pour concrete on site.

Read more about the new tool

Download Formwork Placing tool in Tekla Warehouse

Grandfather’s Bridge: Advanced BIM for a beautiful structure

Grandfather's Bridge Grandfather’s Bridge has been a groundbreaking project: The team of the owner, designers, detailers and contractors used BIM data instead of printing documents for construction, and even bidding requests were model-based. Grandfather’s Bridge won Tekla Global BIM Awards Infrastructure category one year ago.

See this beautiful project on video

Tekla Account has changed into Trimble Identity

Logging into Tekla and Trimble online services with just one account has become possible. Tekla Online services (Tekla User Assistance, Discussion Forum, Model Sharing, Campus, Downloads and Warehouse) now use Trimble Identity for identification of users. In addition to Tekla services, Trimble Identity covers for example Trimble Connect and SketchUp 3D Warehouse.

The transition from Tekla Account to Trimble Identity took place on  10th December. Next time when you wish to visit our online services, you can just log in with your new Trimble Identity using the same email address as you used with Tekla Account. In case you don’t have the account, why not create it now? 

For more information, please see Trimble Identity FAQ

Bayards meets the high requirements of offshore industry with Tekla

Helicopter landing decks are a vital part of any offshore vessel and platform. They must withstand harsh marine environments with minimal maintenance. Helideck specialist Bayards chose the Tekla intelligent 3D modeling software for this extremely demanding industry.

"Tekla software offers certain efficiency for the type of structures that we build," says Albert Hogewoning, Technical Director at Bayards. "Tekla models and drawings comply with the quality demands and expectations of our clients, particularly in the offshore market, and that is of key importance."

Bayards often delivers their helidecks in “Ikea packages”, that is marine containers that include every part, nut and bolt. Then, they use the structural model with a tablet to assemble the structure.

Read the entire story and see a video

Trimble Dimensions: Celebration of technology in Las Vegas

Technoly showcased in Trimble Dimensions The eighth Trimble Dimensions in Las Vegas in November offered insight on how technology changes the way professionals work.

Exciting ideas, new technologies and new ways to operate familiar equipment got covered. The topics of Dimensions showcased many technologies combining physical and digital worlds, for example driverless tractors. These were featured by Trimble’s Technology Innovations Vice President Doug Brent, who foresees technology moving away from analytics towards answers. 

In the event, Trimble and Hilti Group announced that they are delivering new software integration and data exchange solutions to construction professionals. This means sharing Hilti design information between software applications, including Tekla Structures, through the Trimble Connect™ collaboration platform, and an easy access to data in the cloud thanks to Trimble Connect integrations. In addition, there is now more Hilti content, such as anchors and cast-in solutions, in Tekla Warehouse.

Read more about the Trimble-Hilti partnership

See more highlights of Trimble Dimensions on YouTube

Happy Holidays!

In many countries, it is customary to build a little something to celebrate the coming holidays–using gingerbread dough. Tekla office in Sweden did not built the popular humble gingerbread cottage, but instead they used the model of the Röfors bridge in Arboga, Sweden, originally created by WSP Brobyggnad & Skanska Teknik, for their festive construction project.

The model of the bridge.


The team chose marzipan as the material for abutments.


The chocolate cladding does not tolerate heat or direct sunlight, but because Sweden is really dark and cold in December, chocolate was still a practical choice of material. The bridge has two lanes for vehicle traffic.


Röforsbron bridge in summer.


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