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A Beginner’s Guide to Tekla Open API

by Engr. Jeward Bryan La Luna

What is Tekla Open API?

You have been using Tekla Structure for some time now and you’ve been wondering how you can create rich applications and plug-in you see in the download page in Extranet. 

Now with this beginners guide you can start developing those rich apps and plug-ins but before we start we need to know first what Tekla Open API is?  Basically Tekla Open API is computer programming term for Application Programming Interface (API), this specifies how software components should interact with each other.  For a beginners layman terms, this allows you to create applications that will interact with model and drawing objects in Tekla Structures.

As the Tekla Open API implies that this requires certain programming skills, mainly C/C++ and C# language.  If you are not sure what is C/C++ and C# language then it’s better to learn some basic programming skills first before you start using Tekla Open API.

Tools you need

Some checklist you need before starting:

-             Tekla Structures

-              Visual Studio 2010, 2012 or 2013 (Professional or Express Edition)


(Professional or Express Edition)
-             Open API Start Up Package

Expresss edition of Visiual Studio is free



Were to begin?
You can start by downloading the Tekla Open API startup package at the Tekla Extranet page.


The startup package contains all necessary code basic to advance examples that you can used to learn Tekla Open API.  This will be helpful to get you started and learn the basics.

Start coding!
Open Visual Studio and start a new project.  Select Windows Forms Application and name the application BeamApplication.

Add Tekla.Structures and Tekla.Structures.Model as reference. 

You can find the reference in the link below:


Open the form and create a single button and add the following code below.

Open Tekla Structures and run the beam application.



For More Information

Tekla Middle East provides Open API Training in basic and advance level.










Where to find support?

You can post your inquiries in Tekla Extranet API Forums page and support email at Support.ME@Tekla.com.

Support in the forum is based on C#. It contains up-to-date information and answers to specific questions about using the API. Besides that forum collects also feature requests and bugs. 

Before posting your question to the forum it might be useful to use the Search functionality provided by the forum – quite often your question have been answered already. And please do not hesitate to answer yourself if you can be of help to others!

Note that the forum is not meant for general questions about .NET and programming, or Microsoft’s or other 3rd party application’s APIs.



Tekla Middle East Users Day
by Engr. Jeward Bryan La Luna

Stay informed

Be informed with the latest innovation and technology that Tekla can offer.


Why wait?

TEKLA STRUCTURES 20 sets the new benchmark for building information modeling (BIM) software. Realize a world of possibilities with the tool that handles every step of construction. Upgrade to this latest version and make your work more efficient and organized than ever with significant improvements and new features. Convert complex geometrical models into parts, then modify them as if they were original. Plus, we have brought even more detail to the modeling tools including filigree slabs and improved welds. And because of our commitment to open BIM, your opportunities for collaboration have never been greater.


Steel Fabrication

Choosing Tekla Structures 20 makes planning and managing fabrication and detailing workflows more efficient – be it in the design office or on the shop floor. Collaborate better throughout the value chain with enhanced interoperability with other software solutions

After you download the new version, you can benefit from more efficient and productive modeling, while the new features let you visualize and create solid welds, including automatic weld preparations.


Precast Fabrication

Tekla Structures 20 offers precast concrete fabricators new and better tools for more productive modeling and detailing. Organize the model, manage fabrication packages and purchase more efficiently with improved workflow tools. Model and modify filigree, hollow-core, and other precast slabs with the new, intuitive floor tool, and modify your single reinforcement bars, bar groups, and meshes faster and easier than ever. Creating cast-unit drawings is now more flexible with the new dimensioning functionality, and you can check and adjust distances of rebar in the model with the upgraded Clash Checking tools.


Structural Engineering

The new Tekla Structures 20 brings you a chance to collaborate better and improve coordination. Save time and avoid mistakes by using geometries that other project parties have already created, and then use the Comment Tool for quick, clear communication. Import and export parts from Trimble Sketch Up, and then communicate your design intent to others.


The new software version comes with more links to A&D solutions, and Aveva PDMS and Intergraph Smart 3D interoperability ensure that both the plant structures and process equipment fit together. With new and improved Drawing functionality, you can handle revisions and then print and export easily.


Feature Extension

by Engr. Jeward Bryan La Luna

A new tool to export Tekla Attributes to 3D DGN TagsStandard export of Tekla Structures to MicroStation DGN have been limited and does not include the attributes of any native object in the model.  This pose a dilemma to a lot of Tekla users when exporting their model to MicroStation.  

Now there is a new toolbar that will facilitate the export of all Tekla Attributes and write all of this attributes to DGN tags in MicroStation model. 



For More Information
To learn more about this toolbar or any extensions, send your inquiries in the email below. email:






Using the new export tool, Tekla user will be able to customized which attribute can be written in the DGN tags


Tekla Structures Training Courses

Tekla Training Calendar

Tekla offers a selection of training courses aimed at both beginners and advanced users of our software. Please see below table and request entry into a training course. If you have any questions or you cannot find suitable training dates, please contact us.

We can also arrange training courses to take place at your office.


April 27 to May 1 Steel Basic Training


May 11 to May 15 Steel Advanced Training Steel
May 18 to May 22 Cast-In-Place Training Concrete
June 1 to June 5 Steel Basic Training Steel
June 15 to June 19 Steel Advanced Training Steel


Trouble finding the right training class for your needs? Contact us to discuss your needs.




Customer Bulletin

 - Wire frame views not supported in Tekla Strucutres  

The wire frame view type is no longer supported in Tekla Structures.  It is still possible to use XS_ENABLE_WIRE_FRAME in Tekla Strucutures 20.0, but Tekla no longer maintains or supports the wire frame view type.  Tekla recommends that all users who currently use this view type start using rendered views.  Tekla is going to remove this view type entirely in the future versions.


 - Tekla Structures Project Viewer

With the new Tekla Structures Project Viewer, you will have several extra features at hand. Now you can handle grids, pours, lotting and sequencing, and utilize a variety of import and export formats and functionalities, for example CNC, DSTV, IFC and reference models. The new version allows you to plan material management and even the erection phase of the construction, among other tasks and phases. 

This improvement causes certain changes to pricing. The new Project Viewer is like any other Tekla Structures configuration in the sense that it is not exempt from Maintenance fee


 - Tekla Structures Service Releases

Tekla Structures has launched the Tekla Structures 20.0 Service Release 2 and 3 which add an exceptional update to the environment installations and is available for all users on the extranet

Download Tekla Structures 20.0 SR2 here

Download Tekla Structures 20.0 SR3 here


Did you know this?


Open selected drawing issue

I can’t open selected drawing in the model. When I use the report of drawing_list to read the dg file name, it’s correct but still cannot open. Could you help me?


The problem occurs because the drawing’s domain is different, meaning it belongs to a different model. That’s why it cannot be opened in another model, even when the parts and file names match. So, drawing files shouldn’t be copied (anymore) from one model to another.

Invisible reference model

If I split a reference model in 100 or more objects to be able to hide some parts, in the general drawing I get all of them as invisible. I have to switch each to visible. Is it possible in drawings to set reference objects visible in a short and easy way?


There is no preset for this, but luckily you don't have to select and change the visibility line by line. You can use Ctrl or Shift to select multiple lines and then set the Visibility for all of them at the same time while still holding down the Ctrl or Shift button.

Jumping dialog boxes

Customer with multiple monitor setup is having an issue with dialog boxes jumping all over the place. They have new hardware (PCI 3.0) for the video card and motherboard.


In their Catalyst software, there is a setting to Enable Dialog Repositioning. Make sure this is turned off and that should fix it.

Question 1

Elements, which were imported in SP3D, are automatically connected?

Answer 1

If a member was connected in Smart 3D prior to exporting, it will continue to be connected after updating from Tekla Structures.  If a structure is started from Tekla Structures, the members will not be connected.


Question 2

Would it be possible to process many plants/files at once as batch process?

Answer 2

Yes.  Smart 3D has the capability to batch import or export CIS/2 files.  This means that you will be able to schedule this functionality to occur overnight (or at other low impact times) or on a weekly/daily basis.