Tekla Warehouse - Real life products delivered digitally

Tekla Warehouse

Join this webinar to learn about the Tekla Warehouse. The online platform contains 3D model parts, profiles, materials like steel and concrete grades, bolts, rebar, mesh, embeds, tools and templates for Tekla Structures.

In the webinar we explain how product manufacturers deliver constructible content in Tekla Warehouse. All Tekla users, whether they are your existing or potential customers, can have your products digitally at hand - globally. You will hear more about the benefits for product suppliers and why manufacturers want to make the product information available.

  • Getting free global visibility for your products
  • Tekla users can specify your solution for use in production.
  • Manufacturers have full control of their content and updates

You will also learn what is Tekla’s Partners program and Developer center and how those can help creating tools and product information to Tekla Warehouse.


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Date: Wednesday, 8 August 2018