Tekla for Engineering – Sharing Your Detailed Data

For January the Tekla Wednesday Webinar focuses on the relationship between the engineer and architect on commercial building construction projects and how they can mutually benefit from our open BIM approach.

We aim to provide an insight into how Revit and Tekla users can enjoy a smoother workflow to coordinate their building information models to gain greater insight and certainty in collaborationWe will demonstrate Tekla software being developed to improve interoperability with Autodesk Revit products.

Register for this webinar to discover:

  • How to share necessary data rich 3D model information to a the wider design team.
  • How, as part of your usual workflow, valuable constructible data can be delivered to site AND you can also provide data rich information to others on the design team who may be working with Revit.
  • How to select the right method for sending a valuable data rich model through to a design team member who might be using Revit.
  • Reflect on how to realistically discern the information you might receive from a team member using Revit and how you might include it in your delivery of constructible data to site.
  • How you can help us develop and improve this workflow.

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