Tekla For Construction Contractors. Predict and deliver better by creating and using constructible design data in the building information modelling (BIM) process

Tekla software for construction contractors offers a set of tools to extend BIM value beyond design to better forecast project outcomes & deliver more construction certainty. Tekla software for building information modelling (BIM) processes enables construction contractors to create and use superior 3D digital design data and content across their extended teams. By leveraging the power of 3D Tekla data, contractors can enjoy better BIM processes.

Traditionally challenges such as quantity takeoffs, estimating and scheduling can be more efficient using rich data. Construction processes performed virtually offer optimize execution in the field.

Join this webinar presented by David Lash and learn:

  • Take material quantities at tender stage for accurate project bidding
  • Organize the constructible building information to manage work the way you want to, planning and simulate an installation schedule
  • Enjoy a more productive cast in place process

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