Successful Pours 2.0 – Concrete tools for transforming pour planning and information management


In this webinar we demonstrate the latest developments related to planning and managing concrete pours and the unique tools Tekla software offers to concrete contractors for improving productivity and streamlining work. We also introduce completely new tools that transform CIP construction project management and coordination. The 3D model allows efficient communication of the status of your work and now with the new solution, real-time project situation can be easily managed using desktop and mobile tools and shared with the project team practically in seconds.

Join us and learn about the practical pour sequencing and scheduling tools and efficient information management that enable contractors who plan and pour concrete to model, plan, manage and coordinate their projects accurately and efficiently and work in a more cost efficient way at the office and on the site.

Join the free webinar and learn

  • The unique pour planning tools of Tekla Structures
  • How to easily manage constructible pour information
  • How to create construction drawings and consistent on-demand reports from a single source of information
  • How to easily manage and visualize project progress in 3D and share status changes with all stakeholders practically in real-time
  • How subcontractors can easily  work together in a project using the same model

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Date: Wednesday, 19 July 2017