Sneak Preview of Tekla Structures 20 – Part 2

Tekla Stuctures 20

Tekla for Contractors      

Tekla helps those who plan and pour concrete to model for the needs of construction. For all structures and project types, from preconstruction through execution Tekla software can help you become more productive and efficient.
Now with Tekla Structures 20 concrete contractors can more effectively plan and manage their concrete pour process. Concrete can be modeled accurately, detailed reinforcement measured and managed, on-site productivity maximized and changes accommodated without delay.

Register for the webinar now to discover:

  • How easy it is to get started and create accurate concrete models for precise estimates.
  • How to improve coordination with other trade subcontractors and find conflicts and fix errors prior to construction.
  • How to reduces time and material waste thus improve quality, increase profits, and reduce risk.

Intrested in Engineering, Detailing and Fabrication? Then check out the first part of the Sneak Preview series and find out more about:

  • Improved interoperability to explore and exchange data.
  • Enhanced information management tools.
  • More efficient documentation process and better deliverables

Watch the recording from 5th of February!

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