Sneak preview of Tekla Structures 19 - Part 2 - Tekla for Construction

Across all structures and project types, from preconstruction through execution, Tekla software supports construction contractors need to model, measure and manage efficiently.

Tekla software helps contractors improve their business by optimizing their processes with detail modelling and constructible information management.

Now with Tekla Structures 19 concrete contractors can more effectively plan and manage their concrete pour process from pre-tender estimates through to contract completion. Concrete can be modelled accurately, detailed reinforcement measured and managed, productivity maximized and changes accommodated without delay.


Register for the webinar now to find out more about:

  • An entirely new and ultra-efficient virtual concreting solution
  • Enhanced concrete pour information management
  • How to create accurate material quantification of detailed design data for better cost estimation
  • How detail constructible Tekla data models extends their as-built value to the construction site to confirm or propose critical dimensions quickly and with precision
  • How to communicate the detailed and optimised short term site tasks visually and with absolute clarity with your site execution teams

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