Reduce Total Costs and Rebar Fixing Time with Constructible Rebar Model

A Tekla rebar model detailed for fabrication.

Labor costs create the main portion of total costs of reinforced concrete structures build on-site. An accurate model allows efficient information transfer between detailing, production and site, and enables teams at production and on site prefabricate and fix rebar in place faster. Model-based release management helps  the plant ensure delivery of correct rebar units on time and at the right place.

Rebar model detailed for fabrication helps ensure optimal concept and constructibility, which can make a major effect on use of material, rebar fixing time and productivity of tasks on site from building of formwork to concrete pour.



Join this webinar and learn:

  • How to effectively model rebar for fabrication level of detail
  • How to automatically number all rebar and create needed fabrication and placing documents from the constructible model
  • How information-rich models  improve documents and working instructions, allowing the plant and site staff work more efficiently
  • How easy it is to manage project changes
  • How to transfer  model data automatically to rebar production machinery
  • How effective it is to manage information and releases with a Tekla model

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