Rebar Revolution – Barton Malow Detail & Fabricate Rebar 15% More Efficiently with Tekla


"We're seeing incredible results and we're just getting started", says Matt Hedke, Resteel Fabrication Manager at Barton Malow Co., USA.

Barton Malow is a construction contractor who both plan and pour their own concrete on site and detail and fabricate their rebar all using Tekla. The company is committed to using technology to improve productivity and are enjoying the benefits of their approach.

In this webinar Matt will talk about the journey from 2D drafting to modeling, share his experience on real projects and explain how Barton Malow have achieved such efficiency gains.

Sign up now to this webinar and discover how:

• Quickly and easily fully detailed rebar can be modelled, accurate drawings created and information sent directly to fabrication.
• Rebar fabrication productivity impacts & improves placement & pour performance on site.
• The project model can deliver insight and drive more efficient field layout.

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