Prevent errors and produce precast faster with integrated Tekla - LAP laser solution


You can improve quality, save time and increase output capacity in precast production by linking accurate data in Tekla models to LAP laser’s industrial laser projection systems.

While model based working with Tekla software minimizes costly surprises and rework and constructible models offer a source to generate error free fabrication documents, accurate data in Tekla models can also be integrated with LAP laser’s Concrete Pro solution.

Using the cost efficient LAP laser projection systems enables a faster, more precise precast element production. Utilizing model and laser projection system at production makes working simpler and more efficient than by reading all the fabrication information from drawings.          

Join this webinar to learn:

  • How precast producers can prevent detailing and production errors and work more efficiently  with an integrated Tekla - LAP laser solution
  • What is LAP Concrete Pro solution and how the LAP laser projection system works
  • How Tekla model data can be linked with the LAP laser projection systems

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