Parametric Workflows with Tekla Structural Designer

In this webinar, Dr. Stuart Gale will explore the use of parametric tools within structural design workflows. The webinar will start by covering some basics of parametric modelling and move quickly on to discuss three possible workflows identified for parametric structural design, these are Parametric modelling, Parametric design exploration and Data driven design. You will see how all three workflows can be achieved by using the live link between Grasshopper and Tekla Structural Designer.



Dr Stuart Gale, Software Engineer, Trimble.

Stuart joined Trimble in 2016, after completing a PhD at the University of Warwick. His first project was Slab Deflection Analysis, where he developed both the finite element solver and user workflow in Tekla Structural Designer. Stuart is now exploring the use of generative modelling & design for structural engineering, in particular developing a link between Grasshopper & Tekla Structural Designer.

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Date:Tuesday 5th May 2020