New era of collaboration - Tekla Model Sharing


Model sharing is a powerful tool for collaboration. It helps you to work together in the same project regardless of your location and the quality of the network. You and your partners across the globe can work in parallel or at different times – faster and more effectively than ever before.

With Tekla Model Sharing, you have the model on your local workstation and editing is done offline. Network connection is needed only for synchronizing with others a couple of times a day. Data transfer is kept to minimum as only the changes are shared. The state of design and production is visible to all parties, also in fabrication and on site. One source of information reduces errors and ensures the quality of the project.

You will also hear how our customers in construction industry have already benefit from the one source of model that is always up to date. Aki Kopra from Kreate, a leading Infrastructure builder in Finland join the webinar to tell about using model sharing in a bridge building project. 

    Join our webinar and hear more how model sharing benefits your business:

    • Grow your business by bringing people together regardless of their location easily and flexible
    • Save time by working parallel on projects
    • Reduce errors by sharing all relevant information on real time
    • Optimize your time and work without an Internet connection. Changes will be synced when going online
    • Collaborate with high security and performance. Tekla Model Sharing is built from ground up with security priority and on highly secure Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

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