More Productive Tools for Formwork and Pour Planning - F.A Wilhelm works faster using Tekla


In this webinar Adam Joraanstad from F.A. Wilhelm Construction explains why they prefer Tekla Structures as a contractor’s tool for formwork and concrete pour planning. He also tells how constructible  BIM-based workflows have reduced the rework and improved productivity when planning and managing their concrete projects.

You will also learn what is Tekla’s unique pour concept and what makes it superior to model-based pour and formwork planning.

F.A. Wilhelm Construction is a self-performing general contractor, acting also as a construction manager and design builder and doing a lot of trade work such as concrete and masonry by themselves. Started in 1923 by Francis A. Wilhelm, they are the largest employer of construction labor in Indiana, USA.


Join this free webinar to learn:

  • Why F.A. Wilhelm prefers Tekla software as a contractor’s tool for concrete formwork and pour planning
  • How F.A. Wilhelm uses Tekla formwork placing tools  and what are the key benefits
  • How F.A. Wilhelm does pour planning, quantity take off and drawings faster and more accurately than before using Tekla’s pour concept
  • What is Tekla’s unique Pour concept and why it is superior for model based concrete pour planning and formwork planning


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Date: Wednesday, 6 June 2018