More Productive CIP Construction with Constructible Rebar Modeling – Rebar Detailing and Documentation with Tekla Structures 2017


Constructible rebar modelling can today offer enormous productivity improvements for cast in place concrete construction.

Better detailing and documentation, more efficient transfer of production information, waste reduction, quick and easy to understand working instructions and faster rebar placing with less  post-detail issue handling help streamline the whole process. This saves time and money in detailing, production and construction of reinforced cast in place concrete structures.

In this webinar we demonstrate how to create detailed rebar model with Tekla Structures 2017. You will learn how automated functionalities and constructible models with unique pour handling capabilities allow reducing manual work when creating bar bending schedules and drawings for rebar production and placing purposes.      

Join the free webinar and learn:

  • How to develop accurate, constructible rebar models using reference information from structural designers
  • How to automatically number rebar and create bar bending schedules (BBS) and bar lists with Tekla
  • How to create rebar placing drawings from the constructible model
  • How to effectively adapt to project changes and keep all documents up to date

Watch this webinar

Date: Originally broadcast on Wednesday, 5 April 2017