Makati Development Corp., One of The Top Companies in the Philippines Adopt Tekla for Concrete construction


With a vision to be a “world-class builder” and considered to be one of the top companies in the Philippine construction industry today, the Makati Development Corporation (MDC) is a company that offers Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Construction Management services for its customers. As the construction company of Ayala Land, Inc. MDC work across all building construction, infrastructure and industrial project types to provide a turnkey solution that requires software to match their complete service.

In this webinar Corazon Corpuz, Civil Engineer, TSD/BIM Manager of Makati Development Corp presents the value recognized by MDC of adopting Tekla in early stage design to help achieve their KPI’s target and gain productivity benefits plus cost savings. With a focus on concrete construction sign up now for this webinar and discover how Tekla is helping MDC lead the Philippine construction industry.

    Join this webinar to learn:

    • Why Makati Development Corp has embraced change
    • The benefits Makati Development Corp receives from utilizing Tekla software
    • The type of projects Makati Development Corp is using Tekla software on
    • The value Tekla software can bring to concrete contractors planning pours

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