Latest developments for Efficient Miscellaneous Steel Detailing and Fabrication


When working with Tekla Structures, your highly detailed structural steel model can include it all: staircases, ladders, grating and safety-related structures such as handrails and fences.  

Join this webinar to discover the latest developments that can support your miscellaneous steel work. The special focus is on using bent plates, spiral staircases and circular platforms but also the best practises on working with other miscellaneous components. With the newly released developments, you will find that working becomes much more efficient and straightforward.

Find out the best practices for working with staircases, platforms and handrails, and learn different ways for creating steps and using bent plates to model stringers and the steps, including unfolded drawings and NC data.

Join the webinar and learn:

  • The latest developments that eases your work on miscellaneous steel
  • The best solution to create and include miscellaneous steel in all types of projects
  • Creating constructible models that include all needed elements

Watch this webinar

Date: Originally broadcast on Wednesday, 3 May 2017