Introduction To Tekla Structural Designer: Integrated Model Based Design with Analysis for Faster Project Delivery


Tekla Structural Designer is easy to use software that seamlessly combines design and analysis into one efficient single model based solution. With this simple, integrated design & analysis software engineering offices can deliver safe, effective and rationalized designs more quickly.

Because design, analysis and building information modeling (BIM) is an integrated process within Tekla Structural Designer, engineers can work faster and achieve more: Physical modeling drives efficient, better designs through more accurate simulations. Automation reduces tedious, time-consuming manual tasks. Regardless of structural material or project type, design and analysis progress simultaneously, and information transfers smoothly between leading software in a compressed, coordinated workflow.

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  • What is Tekla Structural Designer.
  • How Tekla Structural Designer works with your existing BIM software
  • How Tekla Structural Designer can help engineering businesses to win more work and maximize profits.
    • Powerful automation that can save time
    • Quick comparison of alternative design schemes
    • Cost-effective change management

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Date: Wednesday, 7 February 2018