Increase your welding efficiency and productivity in steel fabrication

Pema Webinar

The challenges in steel fabrication are often due to the immense sizes of the steel structures, tight schedules and the need for maximum safety. Connecting constructable as-built 3D models to the robot and automation technology helps steel fabricators  solve these problems.

Integrating Tekla to PEMA welding automation equipment brings the accurate BIM data seamlessly to the shop floor. As a result project assemblies can be automatically welded and the highest possible automation level achieved.

Join us to discover:

  • Why modeling welds is growing in significance.
  • How to use the new Tekla welding functionality and welding tools, including automatic weld preparation and specialized weld types.
  • How data simply passes from Tekla to PEMA software which checks and controls the PEMA welding robotics.
  • How robotic welding dramatically shortens  the welding time and improves accuracy and quality of the finished parts.   

Pemamek and Tekla integration


PEMA welding solutions are designed to improve customer competitiveness and productivity for better profits.
Pemamek uses and produces hi-tech: utilising the best available robot and automation technology.
Experienced supplier of over 40 years, a financially solid company Pemamek has delivered comprehensive solutions
to over 50 countries and over 15000 different tailor-made equipment solutions


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