Improve your way of working - check out the latest Tekla software developments for structural engineering offices


Tekla software from Trimble helps improve structural engineering office business performance because it enhances design communication quality and effectiveness. With Tekla, structural engineering offices can afford to reduce their risks and add customer value, by minimizing the uncertainty that arises from incomplete and uncoordinated construction documents.

Anyone with a valid Tekla Maintenance contract can download and start using the new Tekla Structures 2016i. Tekla Maintenance secures your productivity with local and online user support, the latest software developments and new tools.

Join us and see the newest developments and other Maintenance benefits:

  • Further improved customizable user interface for easier adoption and faster learning
  • Faster and easier production of better looking more effective general arrangement drawings. Examples of further improvement to be previewed:
    • Special line type tools
    • Improved sketching tools (lines, polylines and polygons)
    • Easy elevation marking
    • Hatching enhancements
  • New engineering information management and communication features which add model value.

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