Improve your way of working - check out the latest Tekla software developments for concrete industry


In this webinar, we offer information for both precast concrete and cast-in-place concrete poured on-site.

Anyone with a valid Tekla Maintenance contract can download and start using the new Tekla Structures 2016i. Tekla Maintenance secures your productivity with local and online user support, the latest software developments and new tools for prefabricated concrete and concrete poured on-site.

Cast in Place concrete

As the latest developments to Tekla's unique pour concept for cast-in-place concrete, we are proud to launch Pour unit functionality in the new Tekla Structures 2016i version. A Pour unit automates repetitive information management tasks enabling you to more efficiently plan and prepare to pour on-site. 

Precast concrete

The completely new way to efficiently and flexibly model and detail all concrete walls, Wall layout and Detailing manager functionalities were introduced with Tekla Structures 2016. Development of tools for prefabricated wall structures continues and we now introduce new reinforcement functionalities and new features for modeling to support effective detailing work with double walls.

Join our free webinar and see these new developments and other maintenance benefits:

  • What is Pour unit, and how it automates management of pour information and enables quantifying pour relevant materials quickly and easily
  • Latest developments and improvements for tools used to accurately model pours
  • New functionalities making information management and communication using the model easier and more efficient
  • How working with double walls and all types of prefabricated concrete walls is now faster and more flexible
  • New functionalities and more flexibility to create different types of drawings
  • New UXML export to efficiently transfer data from model to precast concrete plants

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