Improve the way you work - the latest developments Tekla Structures 2017i for concrete


This webinar introduces the latest developments in the new Tekla Structures 2017i for reinforced concrete structures. Learn about the new functionalities that enable detailers, fabricators and contractors who work with cast in place and precast concrete to improve the way to work.

Anyone with a valid Tekla Maintenance contract can download and start using the new Tekla Structures 2017i. Tekla Maintenance secures your productivity with local and online user support, the latest software developments and new tools for rebar & concrete detailing and planning and management of production and construction of concrete structures.

Join our free webinar and see these new developments and other maintenance benefits:

  • Latest developments on Next Generation Reinforcing Method including intelligent, automated solutions for curved rebar structures and a new, user friendly tool for quick and easy placement of any rebar shapes in 3D 
  • New tools for quick and easy modeling of spiral concrete structures
  • Direct Modification enhancements that improve placement and modifications of precast floors 
  • Latest developments on automating repetitive tasks when creating rebar drawings and increasing flexibility to create rebar drawings according company and industry requirements.
  • Smart and easy template editor that significantly improves creation of any type of drawing layouts and templates for schedules and reports
  • New collaboration tools for easy management and visualization of real-time project situation with desktop and mobile tools and for sharing status changes with the project team practically in seconds

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Date: Thursday, 7 September 2017