Improve the way you work - check out the latest Tekla software developments for structural engineering offices


Join this webinar to learn about the improvements in the new Tekla Structures 2017i, Tekla Structural Designer 2017i or Tekla Tedds 2017i. Tekla software is developed to deliver truly constructible BIM and control throughout the structural workflow. Regardless of structural material or project type it supports high productivity with greater insight and more information from design to delivery on site.

Structural engineering offices can utilize Tekla software to improve business performance: there is an opportunity to enhance design efficiency and both the quality and effectiveness of design communication. Structural engineering offices can reduce their risks and add value by quickly identifying the most efficient structural designs and resolving the problem of incomplete and uncoordinated documentation.

Once the new versions are released, a valid Tekla Maintenance contract allows you to download and start using them. Tekla Maintenance secures your productivity with local and online user support, the latest software developments and new tools.

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Date: Tuesday, 5 September 2017