How to Effectively Manage Data Flow in the Steel Fabrication Process


Keeping everyone informed on updates and changes is essential on any fabrication project, and can help avoid miscommunication. Working with real-time, 3D data can be difficult and missing the mark leads to costly mistakes. 

If you’re ready to effectively take charge of the flow of information both in your shop and on the job site, you’ll want to know the tips and tricks in this short webinar. We’ll show you a series of industry-proven best practices for sharing, transferring and revising information about your construction model. See for yourself how Tekla tools make it easy to share updates, progress and crucial corrections, so you’ll get optimal collaboration and efficiency on your construction projects. 


In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How information is sent between different types of Tekla software
  • How user-defined attributes (UDAs) can carry valuable information
  • Where and when to begin collaboration between different project parties
  • Tips for creating accurate Advance Bills of Material (ABMs) for fabrication
  • The best ways to handle project revisions

Watch this webinar

Date: Thursday, February 11th, 2021