High Concrete Group: Award Winning Precast Construction and Cost and Time Savings Made Possible by Constructible Models


High Concrete Group brings award winning precast concrete project 1200 Intrepid to life with Tekla software. They use the accurate information in constructible models from detailing to production and erection and save time throughout the process, reduce costs and deliver superior quality.

In this webinar Dave Bosh and Thomas Beam from High Concrete Group explain how they have improved the way they detail and produce precast and collaborate with other project parties utilizing Tekla software and constructible models.

High Concrete Group, LCC is a family owned company that has delivered precast concrete structures for nearly 50 years in the USA. The company’s constant strive for innovation, award winning technology, first rate service and support make them the nationally leading producer of architectural and structural precast.

Join the free webinar and learn:

  • How High Concrete Group produces piece drawings and creates piece and project level Bills of Material (BOM) faster and with no errors
  • How the company can have more time to purchase and prepare supplies
  • How they eliminate the need for measuring tapes, decreased need for drawings and prevented errors in production
  • How company used model data to erect a complex precast facade 35% faster than planned
  • How Tekla Model Sharing has affected their detailing performance in projects which they use multiple detailing offices.

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Date: Originally broadcast on Wednesday, 19 April 2017