Fast, Efficient Analysis & Design Software From Tekla


Regardless of the project type or structural material Tekla software is used by structural engineering offices to design and document efficient designs that satisfy client expectations and maximize profitability.

Whether you need to undertake structural analysis & design and/or produce & present professional calculations Tekla have a solution. Join this webinar to discover more about Tekla Tedds and Tekla Structural Designer. For both Tekla analysis & design applications we will focus on the latest developments for 2017 and the integration of Tekla Structural Designer and both Tekla Structures and Revit.

  • Tekla Structural Designer 2017

    The latest version of Tekla Structural Designer includes numerous enhancements. It makes foundation design more efficient, wind loading has been improved, and there are many other improvements for designing both steel and concrete structures.
  • Tekla Tedds 2017

    Proven to improve engineering productivity and quality, Tekla Tedds automates repetitive and error prone structural and civil calculations. The latest version includes a large number of new calculations and enhancements to existing calculations across Eurocode, British Standards, US, Australia & Canadian codes.

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