DPR Construction adopt Tekla @ Alta Bates Summit Medical Center where BIM is a necessity

DPR Construction

"The use of BIM at the Alta Bates Summit Medical Center project has become more than just a benefit – it has become a necessity."
Nathan Wood, Project Engineer, DPR Construction

Register for our next Tekla Wednesday Webinar to discover why DPR Construction chose Tekla software for construction on this $289 million, 13 story hospital project. Learn how Tekla software supports their building information modelling (BIM) processes across coordination, site logistics, concrete pour management and layout processes.

Join the webinar to hear Nathan Wood describe how Tekla software for construction enabled DPR to overcome the project challenges and recover 31 lost days over 10 months.

You'll learn how DPR uses Tekla software for construction to:

  • Create and use constructible data to plan and manage within their BIM process
  • Satisfy the stringent seismic design requirements set forth by California's Office of Statewide Healthcare Planning and Development (OSHPD)
  • Operate more effectively on a congested urban site
  • Use Tekla and Trimble's integrated solutions to ensure what happens during coordination happens in the field and to capture true site information
  • Conduct constructability analysis of MEP, a congested rebar design and structural steel
  • CIP Concrete planning, quantity take-off and pour management



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