DOKA takes BIM to the next level with Tekla Structures


In this webinar, formwork experts from DOKA, Tautvydas Bakas and Juan Aguilar, will present how they take advantage of Tekla Structures.

  • First, they will show us some formwork content for DOKA systems for walls, slabs, and formwork placing tools. DOKA experts will present us how those components and placing tools’ flexibility let them configure within Tekla Structures even without any coding knowledge.
  • Later they will share with us how DOKA benefits from using Tekla Structures’ unique pour management technology; drawing automation, as well as Trimble's collaboration tools - Trimble Connect and Tekla Model Sharing.
  • Finally, they will walk us through various project examples like walls, slabs, climbing formwork, a high-rise protection screen, a pier cap, a helix ramp, a tunnel, a bridge, a cooling tower, and more.


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Join to learn about:

  • How Tekla Structures and our online content delivery portal Tekla Warehouse enables smooth creation, distribution, and configuration of formwork content.
  • How users tailor content and tools for any system and share those with colleagues and clients around the world.
  • How formwork content is used in real-life projects. Whether you work with basic formwork projects or the most complex formwork projects, DOKA experts will show what is included "out of the box" in Tekla Structures and available via Tekla Warehouse for standard projects, and how they have solved their most challenging formwork detailing cases.
  • The most important benefits DOKA gets from using Trimbles products in their variety of projects.  


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Date: Wednesday, January 27th, 2021