Digital Supply Chain made easy with Tekla Warehouse


In our live Webinar you see how you can benefit from the manufacturers’ integration into the BIM processes by using Tekla Warehouse. Tekla Warehouse creates an ecosystem for the Tekla Structures users, content developers and the manufacturers‘ products used in construction.

This online content containing the manufacturers’ actual product data creates value through the construction process.

Being able to design and plan with actual, as-manufactured 3D model parts and profiles brings huge benefits to designers, since there is one thing less to worry about: the real product and the design will match.

For contractors, accurate, correct information needed for scheduling and procurement plans already exists in the early phases of project. Real concrete accessories and formwork components with correct and relevant information enables quick and easy creation quality information models.

For the manufacturers, Tekla Warehouse provides the competitive edge by bringing their products with relevant information in 3D easily available to the growing number building information model users.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • The benefits the Tekla Structures user receives from the content ecosystem
  • Why the suppliers should join the BIM workflow: hear how Hilti and PERI have already taken that step
  • The importance of rich information in building lifecycle management
  • The value Tekla Warehouse can bring to the builders and construction component manufacturers

Watch this webinar