Design, Detail, Document and Deliver Reinforced Concrete Structures More Efficiently


It is more efficient to design, detail, document and deliver reinforced cast in place concrete with Tekla structural software. Structural engineering offices, rebar fabricators and concrete contractors are proven to be more productive and work together more effectively to better satisfy clients and maximize profitability with Tekla.

Better coordinated, more reliable constructible Tekla models are easily created to significantly accelerate structural concrete design and 2D document creation. Tekla structural documentation is less ambiguous and more trustworthy for effective design communication and improved collaboration. Requests for information (RFIs) and post-design, pre-pour project management issues can be reduced by using Tekla.

From structural design to detailing and documenting rebar Tekla delivers productivity and workflow improvements regardless of the project type. Be it a building, industrial plant or transport infrastructure project join this webinar to find out how Tekla can reduce your risks and add value by minimizing uncertainty to help improve your business performance.


Join us for our free webinar and learn about our constructible approach:

  • Design: Tekla combine design & analysis and BIM into one easy and efficient model based task that proceed simultaneously. Information transfers smoothly between leading software in a compressed, coordinated workflow. Our simple, integrated and open approach enables engineers to deliver safe, effective and rationalized concrete design more quickly.
  • Detail: Constructible rebar modelling offers enormous productivity improvements for reinforced cast in place concrete construction. Automated detailing functionalities and constructible models can reduce manual work creating bar bending schedules and unambiguous drawings for rebar production and placing purposes.
  • Plan & Pour: Discover how Tekla software for BIM process helps contractors manage risk, plan for success and then execute more efficiently out on site using constructible digital design data.

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Date: Wednesday, 5 June 2019