Design Coordination with Tekla Software – Identify Constructability Issues Early For Smoother Running Construction Projects

Building Information Modelling [BIM] processes enable greater collaboration and the opportunity to work more effectively. Clash detection is a task to review, report and resolve interferences in a 3D project model and is synonymous with BIM. Identifying issues where pipes run into HVAC and cut through a floor can easily save a lots of money and wasted time and has thus been a big technology focuses of BIM. For contractors, coordination is more than just clash detection and it is preferable to consider problem prevention than accept an expensive extended program of fault finding and fixing.

Join our live webinar to discover how the new Tekla software for Building Information Modelling [BIM] processes fits into the workflow of your construction project, delivers enhanced coordination and free clash detection.

Join us to learn how to:

  • Reduce the risk of error during model creation and review
  • Collaborate across your project team in a more efficient way
  • Combine 3D models from other consultants and contractors and create a single project model
  • Check for constructability issues
  • Share your notes and comments for easier resolution

Watch this webinar