The Concrete Contractors Success Story – Wayne Brothers Adopt Tekla


Concrete construction contractors Wayne Brothers know what is required to win work and pour efficiently on sites throughout the Southeast USA. They have invested in Tekla software for their building information modeling (BIM) processes to launch the Wayne Brothers Information Modeling (WBIM) program and now not only are they managing projects more efficiently and cost effectively, they are able to offer their clients increased value in the level of service they provide from project conception to completion.

Discover from Project Manager and go-to technology guy at Wayne Brothers, Daniel Wayne, the real value to his company of modeling concrete construction.

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Watching this webinar you will learn

  • Why Wayne Brothers chose to adopt Building Information Modelling [BIM] Processes and Tekla software.

  • The real business problems and project pain points that can be easily relieved by moving to modelling concrete accurately to improve pour planning.

  • The practise and process that Wayne Brothers have pioneered to improve quality, reduce risk and increase business performance.

  • The solution to moving misplaced embeds

Daniel Wayne from Wayne Brothers, tells you what this webinar is about.


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