Concrete construction & BIM - How to win projects and place rebar and concrete faster?


Schuster Concrete is a self-performing concrete construction company and a specialist in digital construction. Recently they won and delivered a $100M concrete project. In this webinar VDC Engineer Andrew Tibbetts will tell how:

  • Their bids have become more successful
  • They are more efficient in rebar and concrete placing
  • They have cut the time field staff spends searching for information

Join this free webinar to learn:

  • How Schuster Concrete uses 3D and 4D concrete modeling for accurate estimations and successful bids
  • Why Schuster Concrete, a contractor, details rebar in-house
  • How they improved rebar placing drawings and communication with their field staff,  achieving significantly more efficient rebar and concrete placing on site  
  • How Schuster Concrete cut the time field staff spends searching for building information
  • How they use Tekla software and construction-quality information in the models in their workflows from preconstruction to on-site management
  • How to use Tekla software to create better plans for temporary structures

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Date: Tuesday, 5 December 2017